Walking Drawings : Cumbrian Heavy Horses

Directed by Evewright 19m.15 Redcam / Hi-Definition Walking Drawings: Across the Estuaries is the latest work in the ongoing evolution of Everton Wright (Evewright) audiovisual masterwork. Its a creation from a series of captivating live experimental art installations involving the public. His most recent installation in a series of two films, took place on Silecroft Beach in Cumbria. It was poetically captured on film to an original music score and photographed. Evewright creates large-scale drawings on selected transitional ‘sandscapes’ using the British coastline as a canvas, a combination of mechanical and freehand tools are used to create his drawings. These marks and grooves are then brought to life when members of the public are invited to walk these lines to engage with, and experience a drawing in a new way. The public are participants in the creation of the drawing rather than being just an observer. Horses and riders are then led onto the drawing and invited to walk its lines in various formats and patterns. The entire process is filmed and photographed.

  Walking Drawings 'Heavy Horses' trailer 1m.53 - Actual film running time 19m.15
              Directed by © Evewright 2012

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