I am not myself

Kissi Penny sculpture series 1 Two ready-made objects are found in street markets in different parts of the world. An Afro-comb bought in South Africa and furniture ornaments from Amsterdam. The Artist Evewright then makes plaster casts moulds, from all the elements broken up, and reassembles them to create new forms and objects. This becomes a cultural Lego of parts ready for the development of new characters and narratives. It challenges the relationship between migration, identity, race and class. The artist re-names these objects Kissi-Pennies. An ancient African iron currency initially used from the 16th Century during the slave trade in West Africa, with the movement of enslaved people to the Caribbean and the Americas. These works seek to challenge notion of exchange, worth and value of metal in relation to human life. With each artwork sold a buying back takes place, releasing -"the coins with soul,"- an ancestor to be set free by the artist. The works are initially constructed and displayed in plaster with the intention to be cast in Nickel Silver and Aluminium

Migrant Dream Boat - Kissi Penny Series
Plaster Polymer H=40 cm x W=73cm x D=4cm

Elite Gyal - Kissi Penny Series
Plaster Polymer H=40cm x W= 33cm x D=4cm

Elite Bwoy - Kissi Penny Series
Plaster Polymer H=48 cm x W=26cm x D=7cm

Elite Gyal 2 - Kissi Penny Series
Plaster Polymer H=45 cm x W=36cm x D=4cm

Elite Bwoy 2 - Kissi Penny Series
Plaster Polymer H=40 cm x W=30 x D=4cm

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